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What is a Data Scientist? An important role in data analysis and a lucrative career?

Data scientists are analytical data experts who use data science to uncover insights from vast amounts needs and goals. Data scientists are becoming increasingly important in business as organizations increasingly rely on data analytics to drive decision making and rely on automation and machine learning as core components of their IT.

what is data scince

Data scientist job description:

A data scientist’s approach to data analysis depends on their industry and the specific needs of the company or department they work for. Before a data scientist can find meaning in structured or unstructured data, business leaders and department managers must communicate what they are looking for. As such, a data scientist must have sufficient business domain expertise to translate business or department goals into data-based outcomes such as prediction engines, pattern detection analysis, optimization algorithms, and the like.

Defference between Data scientist and  Data analyst?

Data scientists often work alongside data analysts, but their roles differ significantly. Data scientists are often concerned with long-term research and forecasting, while data analysts aim to support business leaders in making tactical decisions through reporting and ad hoc queries aimed at describing the current state of affairs for their organizations based on current and historical data.

Data scientist salary?

Data science is a fast-growing field, with the BLS predicting 22% job growth from 2020 to 2030 50 Best Jobs in America ranking data scientist as the third-best job in the USA.

25th percentile: $109,000

50th percentile: $129,000

75th percentile: $156,500

95th percentile: $185,750

Education and training for data scientists?

There are plenty of ways to become a data scientist, but the most traditional route is through earning a bachelor’s degree. Most data scientists have a master’s degree or higher, according to BLS data, but not every data scientist has, and there are other ways to develop data science skills. Before you jump into a higher education program, you’ll want to know what industry you’ll be working in to find out its key skills, tools, and software.

university of data science

Since data science requires some business domain expertise, the role varies by industry, and if you work in a highly technical industry, you may need further training. For example, if you work in healthcare, government or science, you need different skills than if you work in marketing, business or education.

  • Master of Science in de statistiek: datawetenschap aan de Stanford University
  •  Master of Information and Data Science: Berkeley School of Information
  •  MasterComputational Data Science:Carnegie Mellon University
  •  Master of Science in Data Science:Harvard University John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 
  • Master of Science in datawetenschap Universiteit van Washington 
  • Master of Science in Data Science: John Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering 
  • MSc in Analytics: Universiteit van Chicago Graham School

Data Science Certificerige;

      In addition to boot camps

    • SAS certified AI and machine learning professional 
  • SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional with SAS 9
  • SAS certified data scientist 
  • Tensorflow developer certificate

Other data science jobs

Datawetenschapper is slechts één functietitel in het groeiende veld van datawetenschap, en niet elk bedrijf dat gebruik maakt van datawetenschap neemt per se datawetenschappers aan. Hier zijn enkele van de meest populaire functietitels met betrekking tot datawetenschap en het gemiddelde salaris voor elke functie, volgens gegevens van PayScale: