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Introduction to Graphic Designing

                Graphic Designer make a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. Graphic design is a craft where professionals make visual content to communicate messages. By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, designers use typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience.

A great graphic designer must be imaginative and be able to apply that imagination to their work. Creative people don’t just follow the crowd and the latest trends, they find inspiration in everyday objects and even themselves.

Graphic Designer

Characteristics of Graphic Designing:

The Characteristics of a Graphic:

  • Graphic Designer design can be used for a wide range of purposes: stressing a word or phrase, connecting content, creating patterns, and more.
  • Line / Colour / Texture / Size / Shape / Space / Value.

Characteristics of Effective Graphics:

  1. Here are six things to consider when designing your next social media graphic.
  • Rely on images, not words. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer. …
  • Make a Call to Action. Don’t waste your viewers’ time. …
  • Use a High-Quality Image. …
  • Use a Cohesive Color Palette. …
  • Utilize Negative Space.

The Characteristics of Graphic art:

Graphic Designer create art mainly includes calligraphy, photography, painting, typography, computer graphics, and bindery. It also encompasses drawn plans and layouts for interior and architectural designs.

The Main Characteristics of digital graphics:

Graphics Characteristics of Web Graphics

  • Color displays. Color monitors are based on cathode ray tubes or backlighted flat-screen technologies. …
  • Screen resolution. Screen resolution refers to the number of pixels a screen can display within a given area. …
  • Gamma. …

Types of Graphic Design Fundamental are:

     The 8 Fundamental Types of Graphic Design are: 

  • Visual identity graphic design:

Graphic Designer is a profession, applied art, and academic discipline, whose activity consists in projecting visual communication intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives.

  • Marketing & advertising graphic design:

Graphic designs in advertising and marketing are used through brochures, packaging, logo creation, website design, display ads, and billboards.

  • User interface graphic design:

User interface graphic design  (UI) design is the process designers used to build interfaces in software or computerized devices, focusing on looks or styles. Designers aim to create interfaces that users find easy to use and pleasurable. UI design refers to graphical user interfaces and other forms-e.g., voice-controlled interfaces.

  • Publication Graphic Design:

Publication graphic design. This type of graphic design is mostly focused on petitioning: in books, magazines, and newspapers. Publication designers work on the layout, cover, and additional graphics that are suitable for the content they represent and convey the story and tone of voice of the author of the publication.

  • Packaging graphic design:

The Graphic Designer make design of an item or  Packaging is a complex assembly process that requires great skill. The choices of shape, color palette, typography, and material are combined signs that make packaging visible and intelligible in the eyes of consumers.

Types of packaging are corrugated boxes, Plastic boxes, Rigid Boxes, and Chipboard packaging. Poly bags, foil sealed bags.

  • Motion graphic design:

Motion graphic design, also known as motion design, is a subset of graphics design principles in a filmmaking or video production context through the use of animation or filmic techniques.

  • Environmental graphic design:

Environmental graphic design or EGD is a multi-disciplinary field of design in which the disciplines of graphics designs, architecture, art, lighting, landscape, and other fields are utilized, as a way to enhance the user experience through the visual translation of ideas in the built environment.

  • Art and illustration for graphic design:

Graphic illustration takes characteristics from both graphic design and classic illustration and combines them. While graphic design puts more emphasis on communication, and illustration leans more into fine art, graphic illustration, is what happens when we marry both together.

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Graphics and bandwidth.

           Graphics and network bandwidth. Many web users currently access their internet service providers via 56 kilobits per second (KBps). 

7 Elements of Graphic Design:

           The elements of design are the fundamental aspects of any visual design which include shape, color, space, form, line, value, and texture.

Define Logo:

           A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that identifies a business, LOGO is a symbolic representative of a business brand. 


  • For social media, E.mails, or light video Streaming: 10-25 Mbps download bandwidth.
  • For gaming or heavy use of video especially: 4K, 50-100Mbps downloads bandwidth.
  • For most households: At least 3 Mbps upload bandwidth. Or at least 10% of your download bandwidth.

Social Media Posts Designs:   

           Content is shared on social media through a user’s profile. It can be as simple as a blurb of text, but can also include images, videos, and links to other content. Other users of the social network can like, comment, and share the post.

Define UI/UX Design:

UX design refers to the term “user experience design”, while UI stands for “user interface (UI) design is the process designers use to build interfaces in software or computerized devices, focusing on looks or style. Designers aim to create interfaces that users find easy to use and pleasurable. UI design refers to graphical user interfaces and other forms—e.g., voice-controlled interfaces. user interface design”. Both elements are crucial to a product.

UX design is focused on anything that affects the user’s journey to solve that problem, positive or negative, both on-screen and off. UI design is focused on how the product’s surfaces look and function. The user interface is only piece of that journey.

Define Mock-Up Design:

A mockup is a full-scale design of a new project or product being created. This guide helps understand key mockup principles A mockup is a static design of a web page or application that features many of its final design elements but is not functional. A mockup is not as polished as a live page and typically includes some placeholder data. 

It’s useful to break down each part of that definition.A mockup is a static representation of a product, showing users and stakeholders how it may look and be used. It contains elements such as typography, logos, images, color schemes, and navigation visuals that will make up the final design and user experience — as well as ergonomics, where necessary.

Graphic Designer

Importance of Mock-up:

As a transitional phase between wireframes and prototypes, mockups help designers by allocating time strictly to visuals. As mid to high-fidelity representations of the final product, mockups help stakeholders immediately understand the final form of the product.

Graphic Designer

Define Visiting Card:

      The small card presented when visiting bears the name and sometimes the address of the visitor.  The 4 different types of visiting cards paper to be chosen.

  • Original matte paper. Original matte paper is the widely used paper types across the Industry. …
  • Extra strong matte paper. When they say blood is thicker than water, it implies a context. …
  • Textured paper. …
  • Non-Tearable. …
  • Most used business card paper type.

Define Brochure & Pumplphlets:

A brochure, also known as a pamphlet, is an informational paper that is mainly used for advertising. A brochure is a single piece of paper that can be folded in many different ways, with summary information regarding an organization, company, product, service, etc., printed on either side of it.

Graphic Designer

Define Flex:

           Flex Ads are defined in Page Ratio, e.g. Flex Ad 4:1 meaning that advertising space/ad banners are displayed in high-quality resolution on any screen – without falsification or blurring.

Define Ads Posts Designs:

           It refers to the visual artwork created specifically for advertisements (or, simply, “ads”). Ad design, which is usually used synonymously with graphic design advertising, differs in the fact that its sole purpose is to sell products and services.

Types of ads:

  The 4 main types of digital advertising are:

  1. Social media,
  2. Paid search,
  3. Native,
  4. Display advertising.

Design elements of an ad:

           The five key elements to choose from are text, color, space, shapes, and visuals. You don’t need to include every element in every ad, but you should use as many as you can to create eye-catching designs.

Use Graphic Designing for Business:

           Good graphic design will help a business to gain high visibility which in turn can lead to increased sales. Attractive visuals, effective communication of ideas, higher visibility, and enhanced credibility push traffic to your brand.

Impact of Graphic Designing on Business Audience:

           There are many benefits of graphic design for businesses when used efficiently, graphic design can help boost your marketing and advertising campaign with the help of effective visual communication. It can help inform, educate, or persuade your target audience and convert them into sales.

Advantages of Graphic Designer Designing:

The main purpose of Graphic design is to communicate. Primarily graphic design is visual communication; it uses typography, images, and colors to represent certain ideas or messages.

7 Ways Graphic Design Benefits Your Business

  • Employee pride and productivity. …
  • Saves time. …
  • Saves money. …
  • High-quality visuals increase viewer interaction. …
  • Graphic communication: it’s more than a trend. …
  • Attract and keep customers interested.
  • Strengthens your brand.

Graphic design qualities that will help you succeed

  • Active listening. Graphic designers aren’t solo artists who work in solitude to create whatever they want. …
  • Clear and concise communication. …
  • Time management. …
  • The ability to accept constructive criticism in stride. …
  • Patience. …
  • Storytelling ability.

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